[Selling] A bunch of stuff

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  1. 44 stacks of various Logs - 3200r
    54 stacks of Glass - 3700r
    54 stacks of Books - 3000r
    12 stacks of Blaze Rods - 4000r
    54 stacks of Coal/Charcoal - 4300r
    13 stacks of Nether Wart - 650r
    54 Potion of Healing - 400r
    54 Potion of Strength - 250r
    10 stacks of Slime Balls - 25,000r
    54 stacks of String - 1000r
    8 Stacks of Mossy Cobblestone - 2500r
    11 stacks of Glowstone - 15,000r
    54 stacks of Cobblestone - 850r
    1 stack of TNT - 4000r

    Will take any reasonable offers. Also some cheap leftover stuff at 14010.

    Contact me by posting here or in-game.

    All sold except slime balls.
  2. I'll buy the cobblestone.
  3. Alrighty, come to 14010 on SMP7
  4. I'd like the Glass, please.
  5. I'll buy the logs, glass, books and coal/charcoal.

    I'll be over in a few minutes.

    EDIT: The person above requested the glass before I posted so fair enough, I removed that one.
  6. Come on over to SMP7 14010 when you're ready.
  7. Update: All sold except SpaceShuttleFan's glass. I will set up an access chest for you after you pay

    Edit: Slime balls still up for sale. Feel free to offer
  8. I'll have the healing and strenght pots
  9. I've just paid;

    Logs: 3200
    Books: 3000
    Coal/Charcoal: 4300

    Total: 10500

    A moment ago Payment to mogrimoogle - 10,500

    I'll pick them up later, thanks.
  10. Sorry, paid you back. It sold before you posted, but I didn't update in time.