[ Selling ] 99% of what I own. Promos included

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  1. Im going to be taking an extended break from EMC.
    Im not looking to hand stuff out, but I will be selling my promos for just a tad under value.
    Every item in my shops is for sale as well, I can sell the contents of the chests as bulk.
    I have a huge hoard of stuff, so come on by 12300 and take a look.
    Small list of only a few of the items for sale: (This is not all of them, only a handful listed)

    Everlasting Axe(x2) - 38k each

    Ore Buster - 95k

    Iday full set of armor(x2) - 70k each- Will not separate the sets

    Iday Blade chest(x6) - 30k each

    Lucky bow unused - 25k

    Lucky bow used - durability 383/384 - 22k

    80k member leggings(only 12 pieces out there) - 400k

    Aikar's book of Eternia(32 ever made) - 350k

    Prices are not negotiable - Dont ask
  2. It may just be me, but none of these seem below market value. Can't you buy a full set of the Independence Day armor for 60k at /shop..?
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  3. Well move along then :D
  4. I'll buy the used lucky bow for 15k
  5. what does the aikar book go for im interested
  6. Ore buster
  7. if i dont take the aikar book leggings!
  8. Are you sure about the 80k member leggings? I have a pair of them.
  9. what do they go for?
  10. A lot less lol
  11. ill take the ore buster if not already sold
  12. Thats cute, so where exactly are you finding your numbers from?
  13. The 80k leggings are still for sale. Have 4 offers of 400k and over. Pm me your offer, I will sell them in 2-3 days to the highest bidder
  14. That was rude. Please do not be rude.
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  15. Tone it down a little guys.
  16. I know people say I ruin the economy and all, but most of your items will rise in value over time... so it may be better to hold on to them if your going to be away for a while :) (in your vault)
  17. Yea certain items will be held on to. Im not going forever, just a while(at least thats the idea)
    I have 133 days on emc, and 56 days online time.. too much

    Need a break :D
  18. Do you know how many cactus pants there are?