[SELLING] 6x Cave Spider Spawners

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  2. wow lots of money... also how much is a triple skele and 1 zombie worth?
  3. wut! 250k? I think this is worth 6k... just a suggestion. you dont want to change it, dont. You might get more posts though.
  4. Together? or a triple?
  5. HAHAHA! You sir, just made my day.
  6. ..Try to get your hands on a 6x, then you will understand why this is my price.
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  7. 2 are together and the zombie and other skele are about 15 blocks away
  8. *goes into living room and dies laughing*
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  9. Well, right now im guessing that two can be activated at one time. So ,I would price it at 9k
  10. they can all be activated at the same time. if your in the afk room.
  11. This is more of a pm type of subject . PM me and i will tell you the price
  12. dude....
  13. So let me get this straight, all spawners are within 25 blocks of each other and can be activated at the same time?
  14. Guys I soon gonna sell a triple zombie connected to Like 7 cave spider spawners soon I need to find where i left it :D
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  15. This price is understandable, find a place where close enough to go in same kill spot with out using alt accounts is rare
  16. Its not worth 250k just for the spawners, make it into a grinder, reason i say this is because they are so close together some of the spawners may not even work in a grinder.
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  17. GUYS. I forgot to add the zero after the 6. I meant to say it is worth 60 k. And now I am to lazy to edit it. :p So no, i an not retarded.
  18. idk how it works but they work. because the zombie is the farthest away and i get lots of zombies.. another way i know it is.. i used glass to test it when i found it. so yes they ALL WORK AT THE SAME TIME