Selling 64 diamond blocks

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  1. Well im going to have to say good bye to my diamond blocks and HELLO money i have made no money outta them and i want to so here is the details:

    1 stack (of diamond not the blocks) = 3k
    The whole stack ( of the blocks) = 27k

    first player to say i want something or the whole thing gets what they wanted!

    LTmoores, Smp8, res # 16405
  2. 46r is a bit too high for a diamond.... I will take 1 stack for 2,500r.
  3. the diamond price is going up
  4. I don't think so...... :) Its still about 40r in "most" shops!
  5. well the price is going up mostly because of those diamond dupers
  6. You mean down?
  7. Well this thread was ment to be for me selling my 9 stacks of diamonds but its turned into a dabate
  8. Supplies are high and the demand are medium/high,

    Prices right now are 38r-42r per diamond
  9. Yes, you heard the man!
    p.s. Dubzy1, how did you get 2,800K
  10. Sorry, I just chimed in to correct you.

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