Selling 6001

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  1. I am selling the residence 6001 on SMP3. It's a nice, round number that is easy to remember, perfect for building something notable like a shop/mall! The residence is a spawn res and will be attracting to new players. 제목 없음.png PM me with your offer if you are interested.

    PLEASE NOTE: I am only selling the residence NUMBER, not anything on the residence. You are buying an entirely fresh residence with a good number.
  2. Is that the ICC head place?
  3. On the bottom left there are heads so nearby there.
  4. as much as i would want that res, I would only want a spawn res on smp2.
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  5. When I get back on, I'd gladly buy the res! (It will belong to the Ethy202)
  6. For....?
  7. How much?
  8. Looking for at least 50k. This is a good deal because it is cheaper than other spawn residences.
  9. Not really. I had an smp7 one sell for that much. Smp7 is full of players but it is all new players. Does not really have that much value. Worth thirty thousand maybe but not fifty. Especially since it is a corner res.
  10. If you see that the newplayerspawn is on the cornor of the residence?
  11. I don't have 50k, but I will pay over time. I was not banned for scam.
  12. Just so everyone knows, kyle is reselling this res he outpriced me on buying it orginally.
  13. Wow. I just unclaimed that res like a month ago. What a shame.
  14. Well, a lot of people (including me) on smp3 still do remember it as Hiigari's residence. Those are pretty much nostalgic memories about that residence, so I am glad to be the new owner of smp3 res #6001. Thank you kyle for the deal.