[Selling] 6 Stacks of Diamond Blocks!

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  1. I am selling 6 5 stacks of diamond blocks. You can buy all 6 stacks for 155,520k or one stack for 25,920k or anything in between. Let me know via this thread or PM and I will get you what you want ;)

  2. Its getting a little weird with how many diamonds people have out of nowhere...
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  3. I did not get these out of nowhere. I have been keeping diamonds for a while and I have decide to sell them off.
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  4. UPDATE: 1 stack sold
  5. There has been a hack going around. Hopefully it's covered in the next bukkit patch.
  6. Hack? :eek:
  7. ...
  8. Hack? I have been saving these for a while so I could sell them in bulk.
  9. I would explain more but I want to keep the honest man, honest, and 'leave the door locked'. I'm not accusing you of anything BTW, Bob. ^_^ Just saying.
  10. Hey the moderators have the full right to look at my logs I don't care because I know that I have obtained these legit.
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  11. I agree... Someone just visited my shop last night and sold me 46 stacks of diamonds like it was nothing :eek:
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  12. Wow thats a lot of dimond I would like some but I dont think I have enough money :(.
  13. Guys, I can assure you these amount of diamonds can be obtained legit, I myself have dug out over 15 stacks of diamonds from digging just 10k blocks.
  14. report it to shaunwhite - he's very good at handling these things.
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  15. ill buy some :p
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  16. and yes there is a glitch on how to get heaps of diamonds, a person came on saying, "who wants to know a diamond glitch? i know it and its awesome"!
  17. There's just trying to get you to do something, All exploits are fixed in CraftBukkit.
  18. 46 stacks?!?! WHA??
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  19. Someone just bought 53 stacks of diamonds from me :p
  20. Lemme point this out, Bob aint hacking, he are reselling the diamonds he bought from others, stop acusing people without knowlegde thats pretty lame
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