Selling 4x Utopia Spawner

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  1. I am selling 2 Double spawners(2 Skele, 2 Zombie), The farthest are 37blocks away from each other.
    An alt is needed to activate all 4 spawners at the same time. All moss stone has been place in a chest for you to keep/use.
    Server: Utopia
    Price: 40k OBO
    Please send legitimate offers through inbox messages
    3 of the spawners can be activated at the same time
    Video with all 4 spawners:

    Chest with moss stone:

  2. For those who are wondering why there are no flames around the spawners, it is bacause I set particles to minimum :p
  3. The way you have your tunnels look like you Xrayed
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  4. um how did you not get hurt by that fall at least 10 blocks???
  5. Utopia has 0 fall damage
  6. Its called Utopia, no fall damage
  7. There's an actual path to the last spawner. It was only when i was writing down the exact coordinates for the spawner that i found one was on top of another. Plus, my trial version of fraps only records for 30 secs so i had to find the shortest distance between the spawners :p
  8. haha wow i feel like an absolute nob right now XD
  9. Are the spawners faraway from the spawn?
  10. Over 5k blocks away from spawn
  11. Thats faraway
    Have you tested if the spawners will all spawn if you stand in a certain place?
  12. lucky find.....
  13. Took me about 8 hours of herpa derping on Utopia
  14. I believe 3 can be activated at the same time if you stand in the right place
  15. what happened to 5? :p
  16. I spent some odd hours raging that they were 37 blocks away when the max is only 34. I'd say 3 hours fits that alloted time perfectly :p