[SELLING] 4x Cave Spider Spawners [COMPLETED]

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  1. Hello everyone today I will be selling 4x Cave Spider Spawners:
    1x Triple Cave Spider Spawners
    1x Single Cave Spider Spawner
    + bonus! after you've bought the spawners

    There is little to no chance of anyone finding it, as it is 3000 more blocks out from spawn.

    I will be selling all 4 spawners for 10k.

    Please read this disclaimer before buying: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/

    All further information will be PM after purchase.
  2. as soon as i work up the 2k more i need..
  3. How close together are the 3 cave spider spawners?
  4. The two outside spawners are both 11 blocks from the middle spawner
  5. And the 4th? Also, can you run the 3x ones all at the sametime? And is there a trap in place?
  6. 333kirby, i dont think theres a trap yet.... would u want to split it and have alexchance build us a trap?
  7. I'll have to think about it though...I may have need of this
  8. the share or the spawner?
  9. The 4th is probably 20 or so blocks from one of the outer spawners, you would be able to run all three spawners at the same time just build the collection/killing point i believe more than 5 blocks under the middle spawner so that the middle spawner spawns more than the cap of 6 cave spiders and sorry there is no trap in place just the spawners
  10. How close together are the 3 spawners?
  11. The three spawners are in a 25 block vicinity.
  12. smp1
  13. Sorry everyone the spawners have been sold!
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