[SELLING] 4 cave spider spawners

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  1. selling 4 cave spider spawners P.M. me if wanted to buy or just post
    all spawners connecting also abandond mine is included :D
    PRICE: 25k

    im not sure a good price ;)
  2. More information would be appreciated, like how far are the spawners from each other?
  3. Do All Of them Activate @ the same time
    Screenshots plz
    how faraway?
    I m interested!
  4. This is just me, but I think 25K is a little much for cave spider spawners.
  5. its 4
    and if they can be activated @ the same time its worth lots
  6. Except no one buys them. Everyone wants a zombie or a skeleton, as they can give out good drops.
  7. ill buy, pm me
  8. spider eyes and string and whatever their special drop is, is quite good
  9. scratch that I'm out :p
  10. They HAVE no special drop. Its just spider eyes and and string, well zombies can give iron bars, iron helms, iron swords, and iron shovels. Skeletons can give arrows and bones as a main drop, which are both good, but can also give a bow or a bow with punch 1 or power 1, and in VERY rare cases, both.
  11. I have only seen bows with power 1, not with punch 1
  12. I got it from the wiki, so it might be true, or it might not.
  13. Yeah, I looked it up after your post, and there is even a chance to drop infinity it says, but I have never saw that.
  14. so anyone gonna buy?
  15. Screen Shots would be great!
  16. Agreed!
  17. 1 sec i will get screen shots later i need to work on my server right now