(selling) 4 cave spider spawners coords.

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  1. I'm assuming they can all be activated at once?
  2. thanks i was looking for that
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  3. yes they can ill post a screenshot soon
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  4. I could turn one into a grinder for you...
  5. can we see a screeshot plz
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  6. Yeah I may buy it.... Is it still for sale?
    plz :D
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  8. Hey coffee you wanna split it?? Ill set it up all you gotta do is do the crusher.
  9. i really don't want to set it up at all as i have phobia of spiders
    if split money 50/50
    i will supply everything and make chest room/ enchanting place/ brewing place and nether portal and farms
  10. I said I will set it up!!! Everything including spawn room. What I suck at is the crusher mechanism.
  11. same
  12. king can we have some more details like the server and how faraway?
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  13. how about i pay 18k u pay12k as u are setting it up
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  14. Yeah alright...first he needs to answer us...
  15. If it's okay, I'll buy it for 30k but if you hold pay and order till August 5th i pay 2k extra and share with Terry and Coffee (you guys pay nothing)
  16. w
    we want it
  17. Yep!
  18. Look into the powers of the mystical edit button! It has changed the message!
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