[SELLING] 2 Spider 1 Zombie Spawners !!!!!!

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  1. How close are they too each other?
  2. within about 500-1000 blocks of each other
  3. Ill buy a spider spawner:p
  4. Ok I'l PM you coords after I recieve payment. :D
  5. Still have 2 Great spawners left !! Anyone interested??
  6. PRICE LOWERED TO 4K a peice !!
  7. Bump, this is a great deal!
  8. Yup! ill take
  9. Anyone want the last spider spawner? only 4k !!
  10. Prace Lowered To 3K !!!!!!
  11. Price lowered to 2K, this is a great deal, goes to first offer !!
  12. Anyone want a great spider spawner for 2K ?
  13. I'll take that off your hands.
  14. Thanks, I'll PM you coords after payment is recieved!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.