[Selling] 2 Horses

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to post anther thread! So I'm selling 2 horses! Read down below all of there information :)

    Horse Name: Terrabithia
    Description: Creamy White
    Speed: 100.87%
    HP: 22.41

    Horse Name: Spawn Horse (You name it)
    Description: White Whitefield
    Speed: 99.93%
    Jump: 75.17%
    HP: 17.00


    Terrabithia: 300r

    Spawn Horse: 150r

    If you want to buy both.. it's 450r! (Prices added together)

    Well, just PM me if you want them at this link!: PM Link!

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  2. This is overpriced
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  3. Thanks for telling me. I'll edit the Thread.
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  5. Ik, i read it wrong, i removed it. Sorry guys!
  6. Well in my shop I would sell those horses for 1r each