[selling] 2 Dragon Eggs

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  1. If anyone wants to buy two dragon eggs, or looking to trade promos or something cool let me know.
  2. 200k sound good? EDIT: for one lol
  3. No
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  4. Ok :p
  5. What promos are you looking for?
  6. Anything high end / easy to resell
    Ore busters, 60k items, other rare items.
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  7. oh then i dont have many of those :p
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  8. oooo....
  9. I will trade the gift of friendship for a dragon egg, buddy :)
  10. Please stop with these posts, only post if you have a question about the egg or buying the egg.
  11. How much do you want for it?
  12. 400k but room for negotiation
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  13. Question 1: Original?
    Question 2: Am I allowed to combine for example like 200k and Full Set of 60k Armor?
    Question 3: Do you have to piston it to collect the egg?
    Question 4: Will other people who have the right perms to collect the egg?
  14. No not original, thought that was obvious
    I will take rupees and items
    No you just right click
    Only owner of the res can collect the egg
  15. Looking around on the forums, 300-350k seems to be the selling point.
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  16. Willing to negotiate
  17. By how much ;)
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  18. For 1 egg, I would have to trade you the amount of promos that would make up for the price of the egg. Correct?