[SELLING] 2 Birthday Cake and 2 independance 2014 Fireworks

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  1. Cost : 57,000r (9,500r bday cake x2 and iday firework 18,500r x2)
    Pickup: I will mail after payment
    First Reply = You get them. (Any other replies will be pointless)

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Bump (Nobody is doin anythin on this thread xD)
  3. Again....bump da pump
  4. Bump.....cmon now XD
    In fact new price is now 52,250r
    How is dat for ya!?!
  5. bad...just...
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  6. id buy both cakes from ya but no need for the fireworks as well
  7. Hmm the prices are very high, since they just came out. The 2013 promos are barely worth that now...
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  8. Would you say 40k? I treid asking peeps and calculating
  9. how much for just the cakes? if you are willing to sell alone that is. lemme know thanks
  10. The cake and the firework are both 5k each, in a couple months they would be worth 7-10k
  11. Cake is about 7-12k.

    Firework about 10k~
  12. none the less i would still like to know if they are selling the cake on their own XD no need for all together
  13. id buy the cakes for 7k right now seeing as they are new and that is what i can buy them for from a few others
  14. Maybe 35k I should stick with
  15. Idk yet. Im just need to sell the load
  16. i'll pay for cake
  17. for 30k i will buy :p
  18. Done some thinking and 35,000r is new price
  19. oh wait nvm it's a bundle :/ i kinda just wanted to buy a single cake