[Selling] 130+ horses

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  1. Hi, I am selling 130+ horses. This is pretty much online shopping, you pick your horse(s) you want to buy, and tell me below on this thread and I will mail it to you upon receiving payment. Since this isn't a auction I will not list the jump or health of the horses, all stats are around 65-80 in jump and 17-24 in heath.

    *Note all horses have prices but can be negotiated*
    *Also note that it is first come first serve and I will only hold horses for 24 hours and if I have recieved payment they will be free game.*
    Blue = most rare
    Gray white dots, 130.51 ~ 9k *reserved*
    White, 130.34 ~ 8k
    White, 130.25 ~ 8k
    Dark brown, 130.91 ~ 12k *reserved*
    White, 130.38 ~ 9k
    White, 130.83 ~ 11k
    Gray, 130.76 ~ 10k
    Gray white dots, 130.17 ~ 8k
    White, 130.37 ~ 9k
    White 131.86 ~ 21k
    Chestnut whitefeild, 131.32 ~ 20k
    White, 131.12 ~ 19k
    Brown white, 131.96 ~ 24k
    White, 132.06 ~ 45k
    *Also please don't pay until I say it's ok because it might be sold*

    If you would like the horse mailed to you please pay the 50r Mail fee*
  2. It looks like you only price by speed, with no additional cost for color. Lots of horse breeders charge 5 to 10k more for non white/ non creamy horses. But of course you can charge whatever you want. I just want you to get a fair price for your horses. :)
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  3. I know. I wouldn't get any sales if I priced for colour.
  4. I'd like the dark brown 130 if that's still available but I refuse to pay 12k, what were you thinking? ;)

    Instead I'd like to offer 15000rupees ("15k") if that's ok :D

    (sorry, sorry, kind of a lame joke, but I am serious here).
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  5. Please reserve the dark brown one! I want it! What are the other stats?
  6. Actually I won't be online till after the weekend, but I will deliver ASAP. If I were you I would pay till Sunday afternoon. But surely available.

    Kinda lame joke, but I like it.
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  7. Sorry, Shelly beat you too it :p (first come first serve)
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  8. Ahh, sorry! Grey white dots, then. I'll pay in a moment.
  9. I'd like that horse please.
  10. Please don't pay until I say it's ok. I won't be I game until late on Sunday so I'll deliver then.
  11. Yes it's okay, but you have to wait until Sunday to get your horse.
  12. Thanks! How will you deliver? Mail or access chest?
  13. Mail
  14. Should I pay the mail fee? If so, you can just take it to 7300 and put it in the chest where your dancer is.
  15. No I think the base price includes mail fee.
  16. Just paid the 15k, and 50 for mail costs. So just mail the egg when you're ready :)
  17. I'll be on around 7-10pm EMC time. So if you can wait that will be great.
  18. Take all the time you need, I'm in no rush. As long as I'll get it before Tuesday or Wednesday then I'm happy :)