[Selling] 10 Stacks of Iron Ore

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  1. Looking to sell around 12.5 Thousand Rupees
    PM if interested
  2. thats what they usually sell for and please stop hijacking my thread
  3. :confused: Wow... that's... expensive?
  4. just saying, and sorry for hijacking it? but that is expensive i sell mine for a fair bit lower, but you never now, someone might be looking for bulk iron ore.
  5. Ten stacks of iron ore for 12,500r. Let's do the math...

    1,250r per stack of iron ore.
    64 blocks of iron ore per stack makes it roughly 19.5r per block of iron ore.
    Most shops sell iron ingots for about 5-6r each.

    Considering that smelting blocks of iron ore requires extra resources, thus adding to the cost, selling ten stacks of iron ore for 12,500r is a terrible deal. You're charging 3-4 times what this item is actually worth.

    Moreover, 5r per ingot is the retail price. If you're selling ten stacks of ore, that's considered wholesale, which is generally supposed to be cheaper than retail.

    I'll buy your ten stacks of iron ore for 2,500r. I'll even pay 2,700r if you include the 80 pieces of coal it would require to smelt the ore into ingots. Message me if you're interested. Good luck finding a better deal anywhere else.
  6. I no clue why you're still "new member", that is genius
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  7. That's why hes charging a premium for them.
  8. I will buy it all for 3,500
  9. I'll buy all 10 stacks for 4,500 R. I'm located in Smp2 3118.
  10. I will buy it for 5k!
  11. People are too lazy to go mine iron and minerals and im going off what smp2 usually does..so please JoeWinchester stop hijacking my thread and saying this is a terrible deal...that is very rude
  12. He is not hijacking your thread, he is simply sowing you why he thinks that it might be overpriced.
  13. H
    He's not. I can get 10 stacks of Iron for half the price, but I mine my own.
  14. It is a terrible deal. That is not being rude, just telling you the truth. :)
  15. Then don't make a forum post.
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  16. Then dont post on my thread nuff said legit duh
  17. You really don't get this, do you? This, is a public forum. If you post ANYTHING on it, anyone can post on it.
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  18. No need to YELL
  19. Nublackshirts, You're calling everyone else rude, when you're the rudest one here.
    Learn to listen to what the others are telling you and be grateful about it
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