[Selling] 1 Not so Spooky Egg

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  1. But re-named items don't stack anyways
  2. It just looks like a renamed egg.
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  3. Its almost like its just a renamed egg! *COUGH* *COUGH*
  4. You should get a staff opinion on this - it looks like a normal renamed item. I believe this is similar to the "Not Special Dirt" in that you need a DC of them to auction it.

    Oops, I thought it was an auction. But still, there's no way to prove its validity by looking at it.
  5. Renamed items stack with other items that are renamed the same. This item will not stack with anything.
  6. I added a small edit to the top, it's possible to prove its validity, and yes it did exist.
  7. This is Aikar talking about it a bit:.http://empireminecraft.com/threads/buying-not-so-spooky-egg.44580/#post-833089

    So it's the same as a renamed egg, italicized and all, except it won't stack with anything.
  8. I believe that this item is genuine, however, it has no colourful renaming and has no lore so it does not look special to the untrained eye and is not overly interesting anyways, so what kind of price are you realistically looking at for this kind of item?
  9. As they are really, really rare, quite a bit.

    I've seen people offering 30k-90k for one.