Selling 1 Enraged Guardian Egg

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  1. Selling one Enraged Guardian Egg for 20k.
    Needs to go asap.
  2. Try asking MagisterDelerious.
  3. Ask him to buy it?
  4. Price lowered, 25k now!
  5. I'll buy it, but first I need to know if I can spawn it in town on my res without problems?
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  6. You can.
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  7. But does it not leave or something. Any special treatments?
  8. Nope.
  9. Ok, I'll buy! I can use some special effects on my new race track ;p
  10. I know this isn't the correct place to ask but where can I find out how to obtain an enraged guardian egg?
  11. Momentus will sometimes spawn a enraged villager guardian, alls ya haveta do is cure it like any other zombie villager, then egg it.
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    The wiki makes it sound like it is not possible anymore. If you have different sources please share :)
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  13. Okay I suppose you arent wrong there :p If thats right I was fooled by the past tense:
  14. Yeah it's iffy, something that one would probably need to test for themselves
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  15. Ok Sn00bDog, I'll mail it to you as soon as I log in. Pay me when you do too.

    Edit: egg sent!
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