[selling] 1 diamond supporter voucher

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  1. selling 1 diamond supporter voucher 600k pm me if intersted

    (last auction i see went for 620k so its good deal)
  2. I wonder why you don't use it yourself :p
  3. dont need it but i want the R
  4. Why have they gone up in prices like 3 or 4 times as much as before?
  5. Because,
    I am not sure the EULA will allow purchases of these vouchers.
    So these are becoming limited and therefore more expensive
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  6. Seeing how Aikar has set a price for Supporter for after the EULA update, then it's safe to say you can be a supporter no matter what :D
  7. sold might be able to get 1 more if any 1 intersted let me know