[Selling] 1.9 items - Purpur blocks

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  1. I have added some New 1.9 Items to the shop

    Purpur blocks - Over a DC in stock
    Purpur pillar Blocks - a few stacks in stock
    Purpur stairs - a few stacks in stock
    End Rods - a few stacks in stock
    Chorus Flowers - a few stacks in stock
    Beetroot - a DC in stock
    Beetroot seeds - Several Stacks in Stock

    Initial prices may seem high but then they are new items prices may be adjusted in time depending on demand

    New tool and armour section also opened recently - Normal unenchanted and highly enchanted
    Special promotional items also found in this section

    The main teleport area has vouchest Iron, Gold, Diamond, Vault, Stable,
    Other items are also found here

    For the Mega Mall - Go to smp6 and -> /v 13131
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  2. Looks awesome :D
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  3. Bumping once again