sell me stuff, please

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  1. Hi

    I'm currently in India and cannot get into minecraft to restock my shop at 10498 on smp5 - never normally out of stock. I can hardly get online at all: Everywhere has wi fi that isn't working. Not to mention the power cuts. The upside is everything else apart from internet access.

    I've already sold out of tons of stuff from my shop on SMP5. Please help me out and make yourself some money by selling stuff to my shop chests.

    I know i need the following but probably need much more, its hard to tell when i cant get into minecraft in the first place!

    Wood (all types, logs and planks)
    Stone bricks,
    blue dye
    clay blocks
    hard clay
    etc etc.

    Hope to be paying out lots of money to happy suppliers in the next few days!

    come to /v wassatthen on smp5
  2. Wassatthen your indian?
    Where u from?
  3. Wassatthen is on holiday in India ;) As per the signs in her shop.
    Will try help you stock up wassatthen :)
  4. Thanks, fbuilder!
  5. Lucky for you, I have some useless non-stone slab items. Will sell ASAP
    I want to say India.
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  6. Thanks,folks, still plenty of empty chests and money to be made filling them. I've only shelled out a few thousand rupees, tons more available for helpful suppliers. Also definitely needing white, orange and red wool, but people have been selling me stuff I didn't know I needed. Keep it up!
  7. I've been on a beach in Goa. No explorations this time, but we àre
    spending a few nights in Mumbai on the way home.
  8. Sounds like a great a vacation! Thanks for sharing. :)
  9. I gotchu on the blue dye fam, I have a lot left over from my last mining trip
    edit: nvm, anon bought me out lol oops, I'll see what I can provide
  10. I'll hit you up today too and offload some stuffs ;)
    Have fun on your trip!
  11. My mom were born in Goa and I remember visiting Mumbai when I was really young. That's really cool :)
  12. It's very hot!