[SEGGESTION] 1.8 pets

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  1. As we all know 1.8 is coming out not the best update for servers but there is pets maybe for 1.8 empire as mean said in a different thread we could have a pet marlix or momentus or maybe a enraged mob but some how they don't attack us in the town feed back i welcome and i hope some of this can work
  2. I want a white leopard as pet.
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  3. Those eyes and maybe we can change the color of some stuff like marlix's armor to any color and momentus's skin
  4. You can't change the color of his skin, though you might be able to make him wear armor in 1.8.
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  5. That might be a better idea
  6. Use periods please. Aikar will most likely make pets perfect.
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  7. -1
    Makes us too much like hypixel and crap.
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  8. pets are one of the things that are made illegal in 1.7.10 so i doubt this will happen
  9. No, "Combat Pets" that you purchase are not allowed.

    Combat Pets bought through in game money are fine though.
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  10. Dat time doe (Mtn time)
    About pets- We should have pets that are permeant or can be rented. A permeant pet will cost 10,000 rupees (Cow, not much use). A permeant pet that helps you get around (like chicken) will be 20,000 rupees. A permeant pet that normally attacks (Like baby zombie) will cost 35,000 rupees. A permeant pet that has a special attack (Like Mini-momentus or Chickeneer pet) will cost 70,000 rupees. To rent a pet for 1 day, it will cost 1,000 rupees, movement, 2,000, normal attack, 3,500 rupees, and special attack, 7,000 rupees. Only one pet may be out at a time. You can rename your pets with the & for color and dat jazz, but mini-momentus will have a permeant name.
  11. Come on this is an awesome thing!
  12. I want it by the end of this year!
  13. It doesn't matter what you want, it matters when Aikar can get around to do something like this.
  14. y
  15. What is that even supposed to mean?
  16. I agree.
  17. Ok