Seffy's Two Year Day Archery Tournament and Party

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  1. I meant to post three yesterday and I got distracted by stuff. Here are six random EMC related photos

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  2. How'd you get that mini-map?
  3. Its Rei's. Rei's Minimap. I actually found it in the "list of approved mods" thread in the forums here.
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  4. Oh cool, I will somehow find an evil purpose for this, mark my words.
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  5. Like Marking the Co-ordinates to your secret evil base?! That is what I used it for.
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  6. oh my, there's some memories right there...
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  7. Not evil enough, no one dies or suffers in some way when I do that.
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  8. I believe you are doing it wrong then, sir.
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  9. More EMC Funtime Pictures!

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  10. Congratulations to the winners!
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  11. Thanks for holding all this Seffy! :)
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  12. Yay Seffy! You're the best!
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  13. hahaha! *blush*
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