Seffy's Two Year Day Archery Tournament and Party

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  1. First Place: SgtStutta45 with 98 points
    Second Place: BlackKnight1021 with 86 Points
    Third place: jjp360 with 76 points

    Hello! I'm Seffy. You all might know my from my Random giving of fish and Lurking on SMP8 (sometimes all day)

    The Second Anniversary of my Joining this server is coming up. To Celebrate Having spent 2 Years on EMC and because I like you guys so much I will be hosting an Archery Tournament as well as holding pig races, Parkour Races and drop parties for three days. There is no fee to participate in any races, the tournament, or the drop parties. Donations are not required either and anything you give me I will give away at a drop party or race (except written, signed books, and renamed objects, I love those). The only restriction in participation is that you must have Movement Permission to my Residences.

    Feel free to come over to my first residence and practice your archery in the days before the tournament. If you would like some clarification about the rules or a demonstration on how the scoring will work, feel free to Private Message me.

    Tournament Information:
    When: May 10, 11, and 12.
    Where: SMP8 res number 17379
    Prizes: Participation Prize:Two Bows (one enchanted and one plain)
    Third Place:

    Second Place:

    First Place:

    Participation for the tournament is by Registration Only. Registration will last from the time of this posting until May 9 at 10pm U.S. Central Standard Time.
    In order to register you must post the following:
    That you would like to participate.
    What time you would like to have your entry Observed In Central Standard Time.
    An Alternate time if you are not able to make the first appointment, Again in Central Standard Time.
    If it is not in Central Standard time I will not observe your participation.

    Rules for the Tournament:
    Scoreing: Middle (red wool):4 points
    1st Ring (Yellow): 3 points
    2nd Ring (blue): 2 points
    Outter Ring (white) 1 point
    Outside the target: 0

    Don't be a jerk.
    No Enchanted Bows. (I will provide a bow for you, No need to bring enchanted bows anyway)
    2 arrows per colored wool per person. There are 15 colored wool areas. 5 easy (blue), 5 Medium (yellow) , 5 Hard (red). This means that you will take 30 shots in total. The Medium and Hard are marked with teleports for your convenience. (the maximum score is 128.)
    Bring your own arrows. (or purchase them near the archery range as they are cheap)
    Anyone who fires any arrows or gets in the firing area during another person’s turn is disqualified and may be subject to getting move permission taken from my residences.
    You will have one half hour from the start of your appointment to finish all 30 shots.
    Persons who do not show up within 15 minutes of the start of their alternate (second) appointment will be disqualified.
    Please Do not Choose a time that is allotted to another player.
    Times I will not be available for appointments: Between 10pm and 9am CST (when I will be asleep.)
    Results will be tabulated after the last appointment and the results will be announced publicly in this thread on Tuesday the 13th of May. Winners will be notified directly after the Results.
    In the unlikely Event of a Tie: The person who scored the Highest on the Hard Range wins.

    Other information:
    I will be holding drop parties, races, and other events in between appointments for the tournament. These are unscheduled except that they will take place on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of May.
    Notable Prizes and Drops: Diamond, Named Animals, Enchanted Books, Cookies, signed story books, Precious Ores, Gold Stuff, and 2 No Questions Asked Favor Vouchers* from Seffy.
    *Things Seffy will not do: Anything against the Rules of EMC. Anything that requires longer then a Day to finish. Reveal Her Name (I’m like Rumplestitskin). Give you Rupees. Give you Stuff I already Own. Show you any of her Wild Bases.

    Central Standard Time:
  2. Appointments:

    11am: coolblox100
    1:00 pm: lehmaqr
    4:00 pm: generalfelino015
    5:00pm: BlackKnight1021
    6:00pm: SgtStutta45
    7:00pm: jaylenuniverse

    10:00am: jjp360
    10:30am: coolblox100
    1:00pm: jjp360
    2:00 pm: lehmaqr
    5:00pm BlackKnight1021
    6:00pm: SgtStutta45

    4pm: Seffychan Exhibition Archery. (in which Seffy makes a fool of herself by doing the archery range she made)
    After: PigRace
    Then: Drop party
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  3. Updated for Prize info. Get Excited All My Friends!
    Also: I will list the enchantments on the enchanted books at a later date when they are finalized.
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  4. This is still totally going on.
    If you want to, think of it this way: you are scheduling a drop party/race/funtime thing. And as a participation bonus you get a bow and also enchanted bow for free.
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  5. This needs some love. So many shinies!
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  6. And that is just the stuff I'm giving away as prizes for the top three archers. I'm also giving away bows and all kinds of stuff after each person who signs up finishes their turn.
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  7. I've got seven Double Chests Identical to this. Filled to the brim with Enchanted bows of varying types. Anybody who participates in the tournament will walk away with one enchanted bow from these chests.
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  8. 6.5 days left to sign up for the tournament. Wooo!
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  9. 5 days left to sign up! (slightly less than that)
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  10. Me want to participate!
    4:00 pm of CST, on Saturday :D.
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  11. I shall do of the partakingness!

    1:00 pm in of the time being CST on the Saturdays. And 1:00 pm in time beings the CST on Sundays as backup.
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  12. Sounds Good! Would you like a back-up time? In case you can't make the first?
    Saturday's time works, but JJP already has 1pm on Sunday. Care to take a different time? :D

    You are both on my schedule of looking at! Huzzah!
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  13. I would like to attend! :D If I could have my first time on Saturday at 6pm cst and my back up time on sunday at 6pm cst that would be great! :)
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  14. Does 2:00 pm Sunday work then?
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  15. *sniffle* Can't believe my little Seffy is growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday you were chucking renamed fish at my head.

    Wait, that was yesterday . . .
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  16. I was about to say...
    Every conversation with me goes like this: Have a thing! *seffy chucks fish* No take-backs! *seffy runs away*

    Yep! Woo Hoo!
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  17. For Your Entertainment: three pictures I took on EMC:

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  18. I miss Stan so much
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  19. I miss Stan also. If I could find a way to resurrect him I would.
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  20. More Pictures from EMC funtimes:

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