Seeking Dragon Egg!

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  1. I will NOT i repeat NOT use it to recreate an end portal, (however that works), i need it for the Order Of The End HQ. I will pay 700r every saturday for 3 months! It is very important to me!
  2. Lol..not enough mate. :(
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  3. 700r? Oh lol... Should be like 5000rupees... (Atleast)
  4. read the WHOLE thing
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  5. Dragon eggs in EMC can't be used for anything at all, all of their abilities have been disabled so they are nothing more then a decorative block. 700r x 12/13 weeks is still quite a small amount of cash in comparison with their last sale prices. You would likely need about 100k - 150k just to get someone interested in thinking about selling sorry.
  6. That comes out to 6300r because he is paying 700 each saturday so assuming 3 satudays per month we have
  7. 4 saturdays a month
  8. dude a tip
    create a MEGA store (dont ask for donations people hate that) or create a very good mob grinder and sell the enchantments getting a dragon egg will NOT be easy
  9. and bytheway, the chances of me gettin a dragon egg is very low, anyhow, so the deal's off.