See you soon, EMC.

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  1. No, I am not leaving. But communication with me will be completely cut off, besides staff. I will still be on EMC, and I will respond to the absolute necessary messages but you will not hear much of me the next couple weeks.

    Lot's of planning to do.

    See you soon, EMC.

    "The Return" - 9/1/2015
  2. Return on my birthday huh?

    I don't know if I should be afraid or very afraid...
  3. Both, so very VERY afraid.
  4. Goodbye.

    Your biggest fan.
  5. So elated?
  6. Yes, consider Ncc your birthday present.
  7. I know you are plotting on taking EMC for your own...
    Kick Aikar off the throne and be the new EMC master.

    Ah... No worries. I wish You luck!

  8. Color me intrigued! Can we get a hint?
  9. A small hint will be given each day on my profile.
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  10. I will be paying close attention to your profile so I can pretend to be Sherlock Holmes or something. ;)
  11. Glad I'm not krysyy. :eek:
  12. Might I ask how he will come back from being banned without hacking?
  13. Nub

  14. He is already playing again with alts.
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  15. Well, I'll be waiting. Not passively waiting, though. Perhaps I should join caden so we can do detective work together ;)
  16. Oh yea.... Forgot about them. Well time to get back to building my bunker :eek:
  17. Appeal.
  18. It's 9/1/2015. For long, hard months, Nccoryg has steadily plotted, building his revolution until it thrashes and roars in the throes of chaos. Truly, this shall be a historic day. With a small, tight smile, Nccoryg opens up Minecraft. Yes, on this day, no player shall be spared the fury of his plot, the fires of destruction and madness that shall consume the server! As soon as he connects ingame, the community shall be his! With a final, evil snicker, he clicks the button to connect, and-

    ERROR: Servers closed for maintenance.
  19. Wow. This is deep...