Secret underground tunnel system?

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  1. Today I was digging on my res, and while working on the edges, I found some sort of tunnel system under the streets of smp1. Anyone know what these are? What they are for?
  2. Not so secret anymore, are they? Great Job! YOU RUINED IT!
  3. :p
  4. Here are some pics:
  5. Can you log on and show them to me?
  6. Sure, smp1, res 1134.
  7. They're where Justin messed up with worldedit basically. There's somewhere on where they run where the road is only 3 wide, although it's only for a very brief section and I've only ever seen it on SMP1. There used to be a community of sorts down there on SMP1, we got torches put down on our part of the "sewers" as they were known as and everything. Unfortunately it seems that it just died away... :/
  8. That's it. Next time I change residences I'm moving to smp1!
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  9. Uh, uh.. 12394!
  10. Haha, good luck with getting one of the reses next to the tunnels, I've found them to be pretty scarce. Although look around numbers in the low 600's and high 500's, I've seen them attached to them.
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  11. Lol sounds like the game RAGE
  12. Really, why was there a sign that said "You win! Tell qwtery189 12394 to claim your prize!"
  13. Sounds like those abandoned tunnels you find in Edinburgh.
  14. Yeah, sorry about that, that was the finish point for my parcour, but I'll move that. And if anyone wants to see the tunnels, it's at 1134.
  15. You should keep it open as a tourist attraction and charge entry. xD
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  16. I do. It's 15r, if you finish the parcour, you get to see it. :p
    You also get 30r.
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  17. Yeah I found it in either March or April when I was fixing my cobblestone gen.
    Noone heard of it though back then. xD
  18. I gotta dig up my res…
  19. Better wait for the dragon egg update...
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