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  1. As some of you may know, I've recently become a Gold Supporter.

    I claimed the res across the road from my main res and started building it into a hotel. But after some research, I've found that most people have shut down their hotels because no one stayed at them.

    So I've decided to close down the hotel as it's barely started. I was wondering what to build now... If you have any suggestions, please post them.
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  2. I was like this when i got gold, at first a built and giant creeper but took it down and made a massive arena (not open). I do not suggest doing a hotel. Try doing something different like i did! :rolleyes:
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  3. I'm not too big on wool art. I'm just wondering what's the second most popular business after running a shop. What is something different?
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  4. All business are shops in one form or another really.
  5. Any other suggestions?
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  6. Musuem of Cows
  7. Do something with this feature I discovered! Click Here It lets you charge admission for anything that requires a redstone signal (including teleporting).
    If there's a game/book/movie/sport you like in real life, you can think of an original way to build something related. For example, you can make statues, pixel art, noteblock songs, etc. But you probably won't be happy building something for the rupees alone.
    If you don't want to build a shop, maybe you can start a unique business - based either on something in-game or even out-of-game. Then use your res as the headquarters.
    You could do parkour or some other type of game. There are tons of games you can play in Minecraft - just google them and build an arena for the one(s) you like best.
    Honestly, I'm kind of haphazard when starting projects - I dream big but almost never complete a project. But since it's just a game, I stay happy. Just try something, and if you don't like it, tear it down/have a griefing party, and start all over again!
    Also, try to keep redstone lag down as much as possible. If you have a game, it won't be nearly as fun with a ton of lag. For that matter, don't build a redstone casino (unless you really want to). We have plenty of those already.
    Better yet, do something nobody has ever thought of before!
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  8. You know, that's a good question. Like Plasma said, amusement parks are always fun. I'd be glad to help on a roller coaster if you choose that.
  9. Anyone need a wool farm? That might be an option...
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