Second res?

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  1. I was wondering what it will take to get a second res? Now i know that only a gold or diamond donater can get a second res but.. what if 2531 became so popular that it became like the theme park of Smp1? Also a second res could benefit the theme park by enabling me 0ROCK0 to be able to build more coasters and pixel art for EMC players to enjoy. Now if you ,the reader , would like to see more coasters on 2531 Smp1 please reply and approve this post. Now i know that EMC has other more important things to but please approve this post. Thank you for considering this post and if you dont agree just dont hate on the idea. Keep on building EMC! ;)
  3. I don't ever see free members getting 2 reses... It's strictly a supporter perk. As for the theme park, I think /fun is recognized as the official EMC theme park, and just because you build one doesn't mean you get a free res. On the other hand, /fun could use improvement. Make it a lot better than /fun, and the admins just might switch. But I'm not sure they'd give you a free res.
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  4. Is /fun a player? or this theme park?

    Oh nvm It just says " I think /fun is recognized as the official EMC theme park,"
  5. Yeah, /fun is the official theme park of EMC. Go to SMP3, type it in chat, and check it out. It's actually pretty cool.
  6. Thanks for bringing this /fun to my attention. I'm actually have a lot of silly fun at this amusement park. lol
  7. thanks for replying its a good advise.
  8. Im not trying to benefit myself with the new res its just I think that alot of EMC players have recognized my res and i have had multiple players ask me to build more but i simply cant fit anymore in this 60x60 plot. Also kcglenn ,a good MC friend on Smp1, has asked me multiple times to do more pixel art but with low amounts of space it just cant happen. I know one EMC player is not enof to change the community but i just feel people are going to ask for more and i cant give more "this is all i got" as i would tell kcglenn. But like SpaceSuttleFan said he has never seen a free member get a second res, i think i could be the first to have a second res for more EMC players to enoy.
  9. Response; become gold supporter.
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  10. Easy way to do this.
    Step 1) Go to JustinGuy's house
    Step 2) Hack into EMC mainframe
    Step 3) Change yourself into Diamond Supporter
    Step 4) Wipe down prints
    Step 5) Get passed ninja dogs
    Step 6) Enjoy

    Step 1) Pay 10$ a month for Gold
    Step 2) Enjoy
  11. I like the way you think :p
  12. If you do not want to pay for supporter status, try teaming up with someone else on the server like other players i have seen. There is one non-supporter on smp2 that I know that has about 7 residences with their builds on them because they have formed partnerships with other people. That's what the community aspect is all about.

    I am sure that if members are so enthused about your theme park as you state above, then they would be more than willing to partner up with you to make it even bigger.
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  13. Tomorrow, Justin is gonna post a thread, he got haxxed. :p
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  14. Thank you for that brilliant idea!:D
  15. What if you bought a second account?