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  1. Can someone tell me how to find my screenshots on mac :p
  2. wow, that face is so girly...
  3. to find them ?

    >"Go to folder"
    > type ~/library
    >application support
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  4. AHHHH! I don't have a minecraft folder!!!
  5. then I am confuse
    can't compute
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  7. Then you checked the wrong library.

    For this example I will use the profile name bob.

    Go to

    Application support

    If you don't have a minecraft folder, you did not follow these directions exactly. If the folder named library does not have three columns on it, it is not the right library folder. Look in the library folder that has three columns on it.

    After that, for easy access, right click the folder labeled "Minecraft" and click create alias. This will be named "Alias of Minecraft"

    It will be placed on your desktop.
  8. Google it and hit videos.
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  9. Click your desktop background
    Go to Finder up on the top of your screen
    Go to "Go"
    Click "Go to folder"
    Enter: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    Click Screenshot folder
  10. I'm sorry sir
    but your computer
    might be a potato
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  11. Ah! I know your pain. I had this issue as well and my fix was as follows.

    Head on over to finder (be on your desktop).

    Click on "Go"

    Now you will see a list of things there.

    Hold down "option" key.

    You will see "Library" magically appear.

    Click that

    Then "application support" folder

    Then "minecraft" folder is there!

    BOOM! Fireworks! Hope that does it for you :)