[Help meh] Mac minecraft Stuff

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  1. So...
    I'm not sure if im blind or just stupid (Probs both to be honest)
    But I cannot find my minecraft folder on my mac..?
    I looked in application support where it normally is and it isnt there...
  2. Omg jc, go to your thing, library, application support and find minecraft :)
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  3. It isnt der doe D:
  4. Did you recently update to the Lion/Mountain Lion operating systems? I'm still on Snow Leopard, but I tried to find the Minecraft folder on my dads Mac running Mountain Lion, and I couldn't seem to find it in its normal place either.
  5. Go to the search bar and type in minecraft
  6. I just bought the mac today and did all the updates it had on it. So I guess i'm on the newest one :/
  7. NO. You know the stories of muh pc
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  8. Macs are the way to go :)
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  9. There's your problem. According to Google, try holding down the "Option" key while selecting Library from the Go menu in Finder. Supposedly, then you can drag the folder to the sidebar for permanent convenient access. (If this doesn't work, blame google, not me XD )
  10. No, don't blame google. Blame the source of the info which is on a website. Google is a search engine. It helps you search, it doesn't host any of the answers, just the links.
  11. There is a terminal command somewhere, the Library folder is hidden by default. I'll try and find it.
  12. Didn't work :(
  13. I can get to library and everything just fine I just cannot find the minecraft folder :/
  14. Did you run minecraft?
  15. Yis
  16. Jc.... go return it, and get a PC....
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  17. Oh ok then. Have you got the correct Library folder. You should be in Macintosh HD/Users/*username*/Library

    Then you can find the Minecraft folder in Application Support/Minecraft

    So the route is Macintosh HD/Users/*username*/Library/Application Support/Minecraft

    If you need any more help just ask.
  18. Try pressing "command" the "g" key and "shift" at the same time, then copy-paste this:
    /Users/REPLACE WITH USERNAME, LETTER CASE DOES MATTER/Library/Application Support/minecraft
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  19. I know its not Google's fault, I'm just joking. :p

    Okay, I also found a terminal command you can try. Open terminal (can be found in applications > utilities) and type "defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE" (without the quotation marks) and press enter. Then type in "killall Finder" and press enter again. Open finder now, and look in application support.
  20. Open a Terminal window and enter the following:

    chflags nohidden ~/Library