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  1. I do not know how to post a screenshot on a thread. Please help. Btw, i'm using a macbook pro.
  2. It's basically a three step procedure...

    First you need to get the screenshot itself. In case you don't know where these are:
    • While in the game press escape and click 'options'.
    • Now click on 'resource packs' (probably at the bottom of the left column of buttons).
    • Then click "Open resource pack folder".
    You should now have a file browser open which points to the resource pack folder or directory. Go one level up and now you should be in the main Minecraft folder. Here you'll also see the "screenshots" folder where you'll find... well, your screenshots :)

    Second you need to find a place where you can upload the picture to. There are several websites for that, examples would be Imgur, Photobucket, Postimage, and so on. How to upload the pictures depends on the site you're using of course. Usually they'll provide an upload option, click it, point to your picture and that's about it.

    Next be sure to get the URL which points to your picture. The site might mention it, if not then you should be able to click your picture and get the URL from your browser's address bar instead. Copy it in your clipboard.

    Finally: when typing your message on the Empire forum click on the picture icon (the tree image, if you hover your mouse over it it'll say "Insert/edit image") and paste the URL of your picture.

    When all goes right the picture should be shown in your message, you'll also see it when using the preview option.

    And that's basically it.
  3. Thanks! Ill try it
  4. You can also click the upload a file button next to the post reply button. This is usually the quickest way.
  5. Basically what was said above but I will add a bit. You can always press the "upload file" button next to the "post reply" one. Go to where ever your screenshots are saved and just open the one you want.

    You can then add it as a full image or a thumbnail. I'd reccomend full image for most things, but if you're posting a lot of photos thumbnail can be good too.

    Note that this is XenForo specific.
  6. I do
    1. Pause game
    2. Go to
    3. Open 2nd tab
    4. Go to
    5. Upload screenshots