ScorpiEmmi's Elytra Quest

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  1. So yesterday was the first time I ever bothered to even find The End in Minecraft. It was such a crazy experience for me (especially the adventure) that I wanted to share my story with you guys.

    I was off to find the one thing everyone in EMC is talking about, an elytra. I packed a bunch of ender pearls and eyes of ender to try to find the stronghold (which later I realized I could've just looked at the live map to see where everyone else had gone). I finally made it to the stronghold, and it was obvious I wasn't the first (of course I didn't expect to be).

    I searched the stronghold for a short while for the end portal. One thing i noticed that seemed peculiar was a doorway that I couldn't reach, but I ignored it and continued my search. Later I decided to go check out what might be beyond the doorway, so I placed a block of stone so I could just walk over to it. Surely enough, there was the end portal waiting for me. I jumped through, and finally I was in The End.

    (To Be Continued in next post)
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  2. Finally, I was at the place I needed to be, but my quest for an elytra wouldn't end there, but before I even considered starting anything, I realized I had to pick up my brother from school. I found that the portal acted as an outpost so I would (hopefully) be safe to stay there. I turned the game off.

    When I turned the game back on, I noticed the portal was missing and I had a health bar for the ender dragon. "Oh no" I thought. "I knew this would happen." I tried to escape the hole where the portal was. I made it out with a little help fro the dragon. Sadly, it killed me. I disconnected and figured I'd go back in a few minutes when the guy fighting it was finished, but then I remembered my drops. I quickly got back into the game and was able to run and pick up my stuff without dying again. I got some hit on the ender dragon, but when it died I ran off to let the one fighting it collect the drops.

    I wandered the main island around the portal to see where other had already gone. Someone had already made a long precipice shooting off to the east. I decided I needed to go a different way so I wouldn't end up at an already picked out end city - my goal at this point. I started to build a precipice towards the south.

    It went a pretty far ways until my younger brother walked into my room to see what I was doing. He looked at me and said, "that looks so unsafe. You should build walls so you don't fall off." I told him that other players made these one block wide precipices but decided to be better safe than sorry. I made one block high walls on either side and continued on my way with my new building pattern. I didn't have much room in my inventory, so I found myself going back and forth to the main island for more end stone. The new walls were making it take longer as well.

    I eventually got tired of going straight to nothing, so I made a right turn and continued on my way. I was now a few hours in. I'd run out of torches and coal to make them, so I stopped placing them (I was placing them the whole way until the turn). Finally, I noticed my Unbreaking III, Efficiency III pick was getting low on durability. This pick only started out with half durability at the beginning of my journey. I decided to turn back around and head home. I needed a new pick and some more food would be nice. I made it home and turned the game off again. I needed a break. This was starting to get stressful.

    (To Be Continued in next post)
  3. I logged back on and started to prepare for my next outing. I put my Infinity Flame bow away and pulled out my other Infinity bow I had lying around. This way I would still have my better Infinity bow if I would die. I also put my ender chest away, because I wouldn't have my silk touch pick with me to pick it back up. I got more food (I now had a stack +8 steak) and more torches as well as a new Unbreaking III Efficiency III diamond pick. As I was getting ready, I heard that a few more players were killing the ender dragon and decided to wait until it was dead before setting back out.

    I made it back out to my bridge and noticed there were more structures built. Had I really been gone that long? I went into my mine and noticed someone else was using it. What made me happy was that the other person continued with my idea to only have it two blocks high so the endermen couldn't spawn in it. Out on my bridge, I noticed that someone had built a precipice off of the turn, connecting to the one wall. Nobody continued my bridge, though, so I got back to it.

    One of the times I returned to my mine to get more end stone, I noticed the health bar for the dragon again. I made a run for my mine and made it without the dragon noticing me. I watched from below as two players fought the dragon. I went back to my bridge before they defeated it again. I laughed as someone from the town asked what that sound was, remembering turning on the game the day before and wondering the same thing. I thought to myself, "It's actually pretty cool to be able to hear the dragon being killed anywhere. It just says 'the ender dragon has been killed.'"

    I kept up work on my bridge. As I worked, I watched the chat being silly or welcoming new players. A new player even asked me something during this. There was one guy writing "Haikus from the End." (He was a supporter so I wouldn't doubt he was somewhere there with me.) I even made my own. The fun chat was all I had in the vast emptiness of The End.

    I was starting to wonder if I'd ever find anything. My bridge started to turn more, because I got tired of going in one direction for so long. The turns were getting closer together and more frequent with my boredom.

    (To Be Continued in next post)
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  4. As I continued to build my bridge, I noticed something off in the distance. It was a floating island! I did it! Now I just had to find my way over to it. I built some steps up o the bridge in hopes I could build it to the island, but then I noticed more land. Giant islands! The island I'd been looking at from far away was only a tiny one. I decided to ignore it and went my way to the large islands.

    I built my bridge between two large islands and decided to go the the one on the left first. It was definitely larger than I'd expected. There were thousands of Chorus plants on all of the islands. I took some of them (it took me a while to figure out how) and continued my quest for an end city. I eventually gave up with the island I was on and went back over my bridge to the one on the other side of it. I looked all around it, but found nothing. My next decision was to keep building more bridges to the other islands around me.

    I went from one to another. It was now about 10:30 PM and I was getting tired. I kept telling myself, "You made a bridge. If you stop now, the end city around here will be raided before you log on again." I pressed on. I finally came across a strange structure made of purpur blocks and end stone bricks. Finally, an end city! I had read about these on the wiki a bit, but didn't know what exactly to expect.

    Now to find out how to get in. I walked around what I guess was the back of the building and started to hear strange sounds. When I finally reached the front of the building I was greeted with a ball that exploded in my face and made me start to float away. Shulkers. I had completely forgotten about those. The only thing I remembered reading from the wiki was that they could only be hit when they're open. I started to attack the one closest to me with my sword. It teleported away! Well, might as well try the one on the other side of the doorway. I pulled out my bow and started to shoot at it. It died in a few hits, and I walked into the building to find the one that had teleported. I killed this one quickly and preceded up the steps to the next level.

    (To Be Continued in next post)
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  5. The next level was an empty room with nothing but a ladder. I went up the ladder and realized the game wanted me to parkour up to the top. I cheated by adding some end stone by the top of the ladder so I could at least get to the first step. I really suck at parkour. I made it to the next level and started down the walkway until I was hit by a blast fro a shulker. Darn. Now I was flying up. Down at the entrance I had myself stuck under the lip above me. Here, there was nothing keeping me from floating away into the vast emptiness above.

    I ended up falling onto the roof of the central tower. I started to hear terrible sounds. Not only did I have the shulker after me, but now I had an enderman that I apparently angered as well. I stood on the roof for a few seconds expecting the enderman to teleport up there (he was actually standing under me up there while I was still floating). He never did. I jumped down taking a small amount of fall damage. I couldn't find him. I could hear him, but he wasn't there. Weird.

    I turned my attention to the shulker across from me as I stood inside the to tower I had come up earlier. I decided to see if I could shoot him while he's open, even though he was positioned on the side of the building with his top facing me. I made a shot and it hit. "Great" I thought to myself. "Now I know how to kill them without getting attacked." I went over to the room he was protecting and... nothing. Well, I figured since there's more rooms in this place, maybe I'll find something.

    I looked through more of the giant building. I came across a large room (which may have just been a way to the top) where there were multiple shulkers attacking me. They shot me up higher in the room, and I noticed something. Enchanted diamond armor and more was lying in a pile on an upper level. Was this place already picked out? I defeated the shulkers and picked up some of the 12 gold ingots that were lying on the first floor. By the time I got up to the other drops, they were gone... Did someone already clean this place out? And if so, how long ago?

    (To Be Continued in next post)
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  6. To be continued in next post, but I can't wait commenting! :p
    This is awesome, thanks for sharing your experience! I really enjoyed reading this! :)
    I was wondering: was this done in the Frontier or the Wastelands?
  7. We're all cheering for you Emmi. Find your wings!
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  8. I refused to believe this was it. I couldn't have come this whole way to not get anything. The weirdest thing was that I'd heard that end cities had ender chests in them, but I didn't even find one of those. I searched the whole place. Nothing. Then I realized something. This end city had an end ship. The wiki says they're pretty rare, but they always have an elytra.

    I went over to the closest tower to it and noticed a shulker on the back of the ship. It was too far away to tell if it was open or not, so I started firing randomly. My bow did have the Infinity enchantment on it, so it didn't matter if I was wasting arrows. It died and I started to build a precipice out to the ship. I made it to the ship and went inside. It was untouched! I took the potions from the brewing stand and preceded to the back room where I found the elytra in an item frame! I was so excited, I took the item frame, too (I didn't mean to, but I broke it by accident). The chests had some pretty good stuff in them, too (I have no idea what I'm gonna do with a diamond shovel with fortune enchant, but whatever).

    I put the elytra on and started on my way down. I didn't know how to use the elytra, so I ended up hurting myself from nosediving. I gave up on flying and decided to go down normally. As I was making my way, big red words appeared on my screen saying, "Server Reset in 1 Minute." I started to freak out. "I have to get out of here before then" I told myself. I ran down the towers ultimately taking fall damage, because I was panicked. I finally got outside the building and boxed myself into a cave in the ground with torches (I tend to do this so mobs don't spawn on top of me next time I log on.) I made it just in time. I placed my final block right before I was kicked. (To Be Continued in next post.)
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  9. It was now after 11:00 PM and I logged back on in hopes to get home before I turn the game off for the night. I started to run in the direction that I got there and...I couldn't find my way off the island. I couldn't tell if I was just disoriented or if the server reset somehow got rid of my bridge to the island I was on. I was stuck. I didn't want to use my elytra, because, well, I didn't really know how to use it, never the less be able to fly over to the other island without falling into the abyss. My food supply was also running low. I was down from 72 steaks to 18. I was tired and didn't know what to do. I dug myself another hole and logged off for the night.

    All night, I was trying to figure out what I could do to make sure I would make it home with my precious cargo. Maybe, if I become desperate, I'll eat some chorus fruit and risk teleporting? Maybe I should ask for help? I was up past 2:00AM and all I could think about is that I dedicated my day to trying to find this thing that might not make it home.

    I woke up this morning and decide to try to learn how to use the elytra. I went into my creative mode game and gave myself an elytra and tried experimenting. I figured if I could build up high enough, I would be able to make it to the next island. Hopefully, I'd be able to get home.

    I logged on to EMC and built a tall tower of end stone. I hoped it would be tall enough for me to make it across. I jumped. All that was going through my mind was that if I don't make it, I'll lose my elytra.

    (To Be Continued in next post)
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  10. I started to glide through the air and made it safely to the next island. Wonderful! Well, now I know that's always an option. My next concern was if I could find my bridges, again. Some of them had torches on them, and they all had the distinctive walls on them. I would have to be able to find them right? I walked slowly to preserve my food. I didn't want to have to eat chorus fruits.

    I found a dirt precipice obviously created by another player and proceeded to cross it. This made me glad that I didn't give up the day before. I pressed on. I saw in the distance one of my bridges (one with torches on it) appearing through through the darkness. I was on the right track. So close to getting home. I came across more of my bridges and finally found my main bridge to the portal. I walked all the way and was relieved to find that no one was fighting the ender dragon. One thing I noticed was that someone was still cleaning out the mine I made. It was much larger and had holes in it now.

    I jumped through the portal and went up the steps of the stronghold. I put my elytra and a few other valuable things in the ender chest someone put at the top of the stair case and walked back through the overland. I made it back to the outpost after the long journey. Never have I been so happy to type /home.
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  11. Amazing story of adventure and exploration and not to mention luck! You are truly a formidable explorer of the uncharted lands I must say. Nice to see you found an Elytra though, I hope your next adventure is as good as the last.
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  12. I am very happy and proud of you. You have described one of the best parts of minecraft. I agree you were lucky. You need to take an enderchest the next time.
    "Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about."
    — Sir Winston Churchill
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  13. That's amazing!
    Again, thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it! :)