Schools so boring

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  1. Im so bored right now so im making a random thread so lets see wete it goes :p so what are you people doing
  2. School is boring, but for me it's over on two weeks.
  3. Schools so fun
  4. School is rather quite fun. Our work has mellowed down by now.
  5. And I have to still do A project on an Eminent Canadian Person :rolleyes:
  6. *in school*
    *should be working*
    *on EMC instead*

    ^ everyday
  7. EMC is blocked at my school :(
  8. That may be a good thing...
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  9. i'm done with school :p
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  10. lol maybe...
  11. Me too it ended today *.*
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  12. I do most of my shool on a computer.....once it gets done I get to do pretty much whatever I want.
    Hence my being on the forums a lot :3
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  13. I generally get on here when I have to do notes or webquests or things. But schoolwork does come first.
  14. lol I started a webquest in the First Term... I'm not done :p
  15. I'm on Emc usually when Im waiting for class outside:

    Im on Emc when im waiting indoors:

    In class photo:
    Coming soon !

    Yep I'm pretty bored at school
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  16. Me at any given time when not on EMC. (VPN being fussy, couldn't bypass Imgur block)