School Over=Summer :D

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  1. Most of you guys has just finished the school year. So, what are you guys doing for the summer? I'm going to the Grand Canyon (surprisingly I haven't been there ever even though I live in AZ) Hopefully, none of you all will be taking summer school... Well, I hope you all have a great summer! :) :D
  2. South Dakota
    Branson Missouri
    video games
    Hanging with friends
    Seeing family
    Much much more ;)
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  3. What am I doing this summer? I don't know. But I do know what I'm doing for the next two weeks:

  4. ouch. You should, like, not going to school. I'm so tired xD
  5. I feel bad for ya. But good luck getting through it =P
  6. Ahaha, school isn't quite over for me yet. I've still got 2 weeks left, which contain the final examinations to let me pass through the gates of Hades into the next level (next school year). After that though, I'll most likely go down to:
    • Florida
    • Texas
    • Greece
    • Bed
    • My man-cave
    Other than that, there's not really much I'm doing excluding lots of camping (I'd say once every month or so for a few days).
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  7. This summer I'm going to:
    • Go to Big Bear, California for work)
    • Go to Las Vegas for work
    • Go to Seattle for 4th of July
    • Go to Georgia for baseball
    • Go to Peoria, Arizona for baseball
    • Go to Las Vegas for my dad's wedding
    • Work some more (yay)
    • Sleep for hours and hours
    • Enjoy the Empire
    • Attend several San Diego Padres baseball games
    This summer is the busiest I've ever been, looking forward to it all!
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  8. Just a few things.

    1. Taking a June session class on Public Management
    2. Tutoring a July session of American Government as a graduate assistant (and being paid!)
    3. Working on a research proposal to send to Nashville at the end of next month.
    4. Getting driver's license and job hunting
    5. Building policy analysis skill-set
    6. Working out
    7. Playing Chess
    8. Playing EMC

    Simple list eh? :)
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    1. Anime Expo (Los Angeles)
    2. San Francisco
    3. Hopefully get a summer job
    4. Hopefully do community service
    But, I still have one week until I get out of high school :/
  9. I don't know what I am doing for vacation or maybe but for the next week I have school! Yay!! (Sarcasm if it isn't hinted :p)
  10. Sorry for double post but, yay my old hometown :D
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  11. I cant wait for the next two weeks to be over tbh.
  12. I plan to sleep in, play minecraft, and maybe do some kayaking or hiking nearby.
    I'm going somewhere on vacation, maybe some river, or the Outer Banks, NC.
    Maybe, just maybe I can convince my family to play Risk or Monopoly...