[SCARY STORIES] Creepypasta (Read only at night)

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  1. Hello there! These past days I've been trying to get sonicol1 (say hi!) scared with my Creepypasta vast knowledge and now I thought I would share it with you :p

    It all started with The Legend of Zelda. Creepypasta stories tend to try and break the fourth wall to get you into the story as if it could actually happen, and just in case you haven't noticed, I kind of like the LoZ saga, so when I found a horror story about it that claimed to be real (just like every other creepy pasta or urban legend out there), I fell in love with it inmediatly.

    Now, here go some of my favorite creepypasta stories.


    • For you to get scared with this stuff, you will need to use your imagination.
    • Some of these stories contain topics such as suicidal, death and murder, just as any horror story. If you are sensitive to these topics, please do not read.
    • The language, videos and images of these stories are supposed to be safe and I have checked each of the links, but if you find some foul language or explicit images I skipped please tell me right away so that I can remove them. For your own safety, stay away of Youtube comments ~_~

    You shouldn't have done that. (BEN drowned)

    Someone called "jadusable" starts a thread in 4chan asking for help: there are strange and scary things happening to him since he started playing an old Majora's Mask cartridge that he bought from an old man. Something from the game is haunting him...

    The above link will take you to a recreation of how this creepy pasta started. The creator posted it in 4chan and in his own site. There are epic walls of text but the read is worth it and, after you read each chapter, you must watch the video. There's a lot more about this than just the text and vids but it gets complicated. Youtube replies, time travels :p, haunted forums, etc. Ask me for more info!

    Candle Cove. Ichor Falls

    In some TV forums, Skyshale033 is looking for information about a kids show called Candle Cove, aired in 1971 or so. There's actually people who know it and they start bringing up details which make them realize how very creepy that show was. It all starts getting darker with every new thing they remember...

    The read is short but intense, and after a few days, someone who signs as "SkinTaker" posted this video in the blog comments.

    Suicide Mouse

    A video is uploaded to Youtube, claiming to be some unreleased footage about the famous Disney brand image, Mickey Mouse, but it's not exactly what you would expect. In the video information you find the story behind the weird images we see but will you dare reading?

    Marble Hornets Project (Slender Man)

    A series of strange videos that in the beginning look like an amateur film start being hosted by youtuber "MarbleHornets", who tells us that those videos belong to someone who has disappeared. It seems like he chose the wrong scenarios for his film and bothered a sleeping dark myth in the process...

    Probably all of you are familiar with the Slenderman who inspired our beloved Enderman, but how much more do you want to know about him? This is a creepypasta about another creepypasta, knowyourmeme can tell you more.


    This is it for the moment, I'll probably update it because there are way more creepypastas out there, most of them about games and the Internet in general. Share any other scary story you know, especially if there are videos attached! But please keep it safe and funny.
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  2. This gave me some nightmares ._., now i dont know if i ever would be able to play LoZ Majora's mask again.
  3. This makes me think of a video and stuff I saw once. I can't remember how I found it and it just took me a few to find it from google again.

    This website has the stuff the guy was to follow in the video.

  4. That is creepy.
  5. I scared the crap out of my brother with Ben Drowned about 2 years ago...it was funny until he couldn't sleep and I got told off...
  6. It is creepy indeed, especially when you think that most of these creepypastas search for the participation of the public, so... who knows if you're getting into a big, funny prank or into something not so funny...
  7. The first story contains words that are explicit. I don't mind but you should probably put a warning above it.
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  8. I'm on Mobile so I can't post links but to get some Pokénon in their, Lavender Town Syndrome, Hypno's Song And the Lost Silver.
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  9. Oh true, I didn't take into account the parts where he curses out of frustration. I'm going to hide all of them in spoilers as I was advised and add the warnings.
  10. I have watched too many Marble Hornet videos today. There goes sleep tonight.
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  11. I stopped at the 21st because I couldn't stand it xD should start again.
  12. Where is the following:
    Squidward's suicide (freaky as crap)
    Jeff And Jane the killer
    Smile dog
  13. I think there are 70 (?) videos up on the channel now and I am on 15. The are not too scary (except for twelve, that on made me jump) so I will probably be able to go to sleep. But then I know if I wake up at 3 a.m. then I will not be able to go back to sleep.
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  14. Someone commented this on the actual video and I thought it was kind of cool


    But anyways, that's pretty creepy. I saw the site so I went to that first and was stumped on puzzle one so I watched the video. During the puzzle I felt kinda creeped out.
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  15. As I said, I will update with more. There are hundreds lol They couldn't be all there. The Squidward one was going to be between the firsts but I'm not too sure, it's a bit harsh. The other two I don't know them, I will google them later. I like the ones related to videogames better, but all scary is good and welcome, you can post links if you want, too, as long as the content is safe.
  16. Never played the first game but that creepy music and everything gives me chills.
  17. I pissed my pants... When they showed the dead guy I was soooacared
  18. I would highly suggest not posting that one. I doubt it's real (There would have been major news about it, not to mention a huge investigation on the people working) but it's really freaky. It's definitely not good for the image of EMC.
  19. My friend made me watch that. I got hooked onto it, and my friend hasn't even started on the first episode…-.-
  20. Story 1; Paragraph 4. Close to the bottom. I found a bad word. These are pretty freaky so far.