Say Hello To Smp2 New Megamall & Hotel Resort

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  1. Hey Guys, Me and around 20 other friends are Building A really Awesome Megamall/ Hotel Resort. The Res is on 3660. We have got a lot of floors done so far. I will add a beach And Tenis Court To The resort! I am Really low on ""R"" So Here's The deal: The Top Donater Will Get A Free Permanent 3 Story Delux Room with a Balcony At the very Top of The Resort! Hope To see everyone On Smp2 Soon!
    EDIT:Nobodys doing it, U coulda had Daimond blocks and a nice window next to SSRC...
    If no one comments in 24hours im closing it down :,(
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  2. Cool. I might donate later.
  3. Ok :D I've spent around 70k Now
  4. Hmm.. seems like ive seen this somewhere before..
  5. Ummm not to be rude but can i have like a 1.5k donation (i useluy get that) because yr teh only one who posted and i spent most of meh money on a beach part.. I only have 32r mow
  6. You get 1.3k a day automatically, which can be upped to 2k if you vote. How about you try waiting to receive that, instead of pestering potential donators?
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  7. Sureeee Ok Ill try but 4005 has expensive glass and wool. Im saving for dc of lime wool, Already have a sc. :p
  8. Like what Jack said, you receive 1,300 rupees each day, just from being a Diamond supporter - Voting would get you extra rupees.

    How to make money:
  9. Im glad im not spending that much on my shop!!!
  10. People would be much more inclined to donate if they knew what it was going to be used for. I'd suggest making this in single player and uploading pictures. You'd get way more donations.
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  11. Isn't this same guy who got "Griefed" so why is he opening a hotel 2 days after being Griefed?
  12. The thread been started on 15th of April ;)
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