Say Hello To SMP1's soon to be Resort

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  1. Heyy Guys, Bunkerllama here. And Today.. I bring you what may be, SMP1's new hotel/resort.
    This project will probably cost me a lot of rupees.. and here's the deal. The person who donates the most rupees towards this project.. gets the best room available (Pictures will be on bottom). I'm not going to give away a lot of interior details.. but here is what it looks like.
    the best room available is the bottom picture (its a two-3 story room) Thanks guys! d000c750-262a-45d2-8ea0-e9288572a2a5_zps41e9fd93.jpg 2013-03-31_20.02.07.png
    Best room available..
    So guys.. I NEED Donations.. this will be an expensive project.. but as promised i will make SMP1 proud :) Thanks again.. Bunkerllama

    Highest Donators:
    xxandster700xx-15,000+80,000 (from Robot_Chicken_66) so 95,000
    TheEpic- 10,000r
    Rosy2696- 5,000r
  2. COOL!!!! *first*
  3. Itll be of nice size :D
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  4. Looks awesome so far. Is this in the wild?... Also just to tell you I will donate to you sooner or later. Just have to finish the project iam working on first xD
  5. this is in town.. as MY calculations go it should fit.. im still working that out though :p
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  6. Vey nice, I love the design!
  7. Love the design, very posh.
    What became of the library you were building, if I may ask? (I'm curious to know where my book ended up)
  8. It looks great! Ill donate if I can :D
  9. Thank you in advance :)
  10. Started Construction on it! Remember, biggest donator gets a free PERMANENT Room. Rooms will not be very cheap to come by either. Res is closed.. I want it to be a secret.. Shh
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  11. This just in... The resort WILL have a beach on a res beside mine :)
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  12. This looks really cool. Can't wait for it to be finished.
  13. Im predicting a couple of weeks.. although it might take longer.
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  14. I would donate enough to seal the deal on that room but i don't have a res on smp1.:(:(:(:(:(
  15. Lol you dont need a res on SMP1 to own the room :)
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  16. I know, When i made the post i was thinking about when i would use it. Now that think about it i just might donate so i have a place to stay on smp1.
  17. This will be the highest donators room! It is two stories.. and behind the first pricture to the left there is a mini storage unit 2013-04-03_21.36.13.png 2013-04-03_21.36.23.png
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  18. Just ran out of Quartz blocks.. remember top donator gets the free room!
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