Save The Jungles!

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  1. So the Jungle biome's wood and trees are pretty nice, aren't they? How would you like to see millions of them cut down completely because of your fellow Empire players?

    This is how it could end up in a few weeks. A 30 minute walk just to find a jungle biome, or find two ocelots. So let's prevent this from happening and support me in my fight to save the jungles of the empire!

    You can do so if you copy and paste this into your signature:
    (add a [ next to the image]img][/img]

    This is what should pop up in your signature:

    Now that we have that done we can get down to the details on how we can save them.

    Simply go to your jungle biome, lop down a tree, take all the saplings you need from that tree, take 2 ocelots and go back home. Breed your ocelots if you would like more of them, and make a jungle tree farm in your residence if you want more of the wood. You won't believe the effectiveness of it!

    If you want to support alot more than just a sig achievement thing, like the post and let's get the moderators to see it!
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  2. isnt there already a thread about this? and that achievement tag for save the jungle is there too... so you copied it?!?!?!?!?!?1?
  3. Well it is nice that he is so interested in saving the jungles :p
  4. well of course! but i suggest that he joins that thread because then he can add to the cause, not just make another cause.
  5. What thread? Link it to me, because this is an original idea.