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  1. So, i've been living on SMP3 since February 8th (the day I found out about EMC) and it was a pain trying to get online. The slots were always full. So bad, I requested the slots to be bumped up on February 12th (the day I began to use the forums)
    See it here:
    Yes, my best friend IRL made that thread. My grammatical, punctuational, and spelling skills were utter and complete crap.
    When I seen SWM's reply, I muttered 'Damn you'. When I seen Twitch1's reply, I muttered 'Damn you', and I hated them for a month because I was immature as hell. They turned out to be some of the nicest people on the Empire and I regret making those immature decisions.
    Well, anyway, back on topic...
    SMP3 is dying. Ever since April, it's been half-dead. It slowly dropped to 20 players online at a time. I remember buying Iron Supporter just to get on. In april, my mum got a new bank account because her old one was broken, and my iron supporter was gone. Not that I needed it anymore anyway...

    Then I lost my internet half-way through April, having to access EMC through a USB with internet on it. It had to be shared between my family, so when I got online it was only for half an hour a day. When I got it back after my birthday (May 10th) SMP3 only had 4 players online at a time.

    I recently tried SMP1, but the people in town where overwhelming. So I moved back to the same res on smp3 and went to the wild on smp1.

    Right now, at my time zone's night, we have 20 players online. But we need to save it still. I want to have atleast 40 players online at a time. So, add this to your sig:

    The reason why there's an egg there is because SMP3 needs to be hatched again.
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  2. Honestly this is happening with all the severs. The Empire has grown to a whopping 10 servers and as you mentioned there are time-zone differences. Yes I too have been a bit worried about the Empire's population but when you think about it there is still a TON of players online ALL THE TIME! So there is nothing to worry about :) It can be a good thing to not have many people online...
  3. My Real Response:
    Well I mean It really isn't a good thing to not have enough players on Because then it kinda gets boring. You know, To go from a server filled with 60 great people to a server with 3 other people on that aren't even talking.

    What I really Wanted to Say:
  4. Yes It is quite annoying when it's like all noobs that arn't confident in the chat yet on... Sometimes it's fun to talk to others! I do like having the chat on though cause it is proof to me that I'm still connected to the server.
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  5. Well I have to say that smp3 has improved a small bit in the population....It used to be 4/60 in june/july now today when I was on it was like 20/60 and now that I just looked its like 10/60...But majority of those players are in the wild...So I guess my point is blown
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