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  1. Is it considered RMT/illegal if i post/ask another diamond supporter about paying for rupees in exchange for a diamond supporter voucher, since it's cheaper for them?(10$)
  2. Plenty of people did this last year, don't know if the rules changed though.
  3. The rules haven't changed since last year, and you currently aren't allowed to ask for real life items or money in exchange for something on the server.
  4. To wrap this up: Yes, you are allowed to pay rupees for a Diamond Supporter Voucher.
  5. well, technically i'm still buying an ingame item with gold, i'm just wondering if i can make a deal with specific people who are eligible for santagram, taking advantage of the current promo, i'd appreciate it if a mod or some other higher ups can chime in on this.
  6. You are allowed to do so if the 'real life' item is something on EMC. Such as the thing in question, a Santa Gram.
  7. Yes this is fine. This isn't the same thing as RMT where players have to exchange IRL money to one another.

    It's no different than 2 friends agreeing to pay the other in rupees for a Diamond Voucher. Theres no risk for EMC in this scenario, and if buyer sends the rupees to the player with the agreement of it being for a santa gram, then we can easily see that in the logs ,and it would be scamming to get a player to send you rupees and then not deliver.

    so, theres very little risk and its totally ok to do.

    buyers should send the rupees first since santa grams are directly mailed to the receiver.
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  8. ah, i guess in this scenario, everyone wins then! thanks for chiming in :D
  9. ill take one then...

    how many rupees is it?
  10. Nobody here was selling anything? Not the appropriate place to ask.
  11. oh... sorry