Sandblocks that giv elight.

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  1. Strange thing, for a long time i have seen light in dessert area sandblock. no candles there.
    Today i wanted to know if there where hidden candles. I digged lots of sand away and spontanic i remove da sand block and the light got less. later another sandblock and the light is gone.

    Bug ? or some sign that something is there what does it mean.
  2. I am assuming you are talking about torches and I am pretty sure this is just a lighting bug
  3. This happens pretty commonly on lower-spec computers such as mine, and even on higher grade computers. It's just a lighting bug, and they'll always be here.
  4. Ok, my system is pretty high spec. I hope it keeps away now after i removed the sandblocks. thanks. where just curious.
  5. It doesn't really depend on the specs of your computer, it mostly depends on the server/location of the lighting glitch. That glitch is very common, and all you have to do is make a block update and the light goes away.

    Lighting glitches like that are caused when there was an old light source there that was removed and the light stayed without the source being there. Since EMC has a lot of areas that reset frequently, lighting glitches are incredibly common.
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