Salvaging the Costa Concordia

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  1. Right,

    so after one and a half year of preparation they finally started levelling the 114,000 ton vessel :p Trying to get it upright again.

    This is one of many livestreams:

    Any opinions on the accident? Anyone live near the crash site xD?

    Leave your creative responses in the comment section below :D

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  2. I am also watching. Have been for a little over an hour. They are make slow but steady progress.
    Imo the captain is a goof. But no one knows how they will react in circumstances such as these till they happen. He was 100% at fault for navigating to close to the coral, delaying evacuation, and worse of all abandoning ship while the crew were still trying to get people off. I also heard on the news today 2 bodies are still unaccounted for.
    Discovery channel had a great show on this a while back. The logistics in uprighting this ship are as amazing if not more than the ship herself.
  3. The progress is really slow indeed, barely noticable. As for the captain, I think he had some sort of massive panic attack and didn't think about his actions.

    The 2 bodys that haven't been accounted for are probably somewhere on the submerged side of the ship (or so I've heard people say), stuck between the seabottom and the ship.
  4. Painstakingly slow
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  5. When they said they wanted to be done by winter I thought they were way ahead of schedule. May be not. Keep in mind the amount of water that has to drain.
  6. Still, when taking all the water into account, I think they're gonna be working on this for quite a while. Especially if it keeps on going on at this pace :p
  7. Im watching, but it's very slow...I cant even see anything moving, the only thing moving is the guys fingers on his phone standing in front of it! ~FDNY21
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  8. And all the boats around the cruiseship XD
  9. And now some random helicopter :p Well, this is fun ~FDNY21
  10. All that random stuff and nothing on topic XD
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  11. The whole left part is as good as out of the water :D
  12. Definitely slow, but it is approx. a 12 hour process so I wouldn't expect it to be going much faster.
  13. I think they're still doing this quite fast. When I wake up they'd probably have the ship near-upright :p
  14. Considering what they're actually doing and trying to achieve, I think 12 hours is amazing.
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  15. dont forget the other year and a half :p
  16. Year and a half of organizing stuff. I think that's still quite quick, considering they're moving a 114,000 ton vessel that has been rusting in the salty water for all that time and could easily collapse or whatever.

    The non-submerged part of the ship is in quite good shape though, so they only need to watch the left side. Might it twist n bend and collapse to the left :p
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  17. Its upright :D
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  18. Its about as Low Quality as it gets, but it's here :D A timelapse

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