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  1. Hello all thought i'd take part in forum discussions... I am literally a newbie here on EMC join this morning and liking it so far.. haven't got my head around it all just yet but I'm sure ill figure it out. well thanks for having me and i'm sure i'll pop my nose into a few discussions of your and be around for a while..


  2. Welcome to EMC!

    The Wiki is your friend if you ever need to know anything.

    If you've got any other questions, most members are friendly, and will be happy to help. Our professional Staff Team, run by adults, is also obliged to answer your questions.

    Our currency here is the Rupee. Don't buy from the Empire Shop, it's terribly expensive. If you need anything, ask in chat if anyone's selling what you need, or if anyone has a mall; they usually have obscure items for any job.

    As a new member, I believe you have 1,000r; to give you an idea of the value of that, it can buy around 16 Diamonds. Many new players waste it all in the Empire Shop, try not to make the same mistake :p

    You'll want to claim a residence; type /home, I think it'll automatically claim a residence for you where you can build. Residences are ungriefable, unless you give someone flags (permissions) and they grief it, so be careful who you give flags!

    Out of curiosity, may I ask what kind of stuff you like to do in Minecraft? I'm happy to help :)
  3. Welcome, Foguard. Enjoy your time on this magnificient servers and have fun...
  4. Welcome to EMC!
  5. This is by far the most helpful introduction I've ever read. Good work on the rupee to diamond ratio. I wish I had know that when I started. Oh yea, welcome to the Empire Fogaurd!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! Which smp have you chosen?

    And nice job Volt, I second vividoptimism on that being one of the most helpful introductions I've seen.
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  7. Eh, I do try. :p
  8. Welcome, hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to stop by 18800 on smp9 for my public farms
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