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  1. Hello,
    Upon attempting to make a base for myself, I found 5 mob spawners within VERY close proximity of eachother.

    They are a as follows-
    4 Cave Spider Spawners

    1 Spider Spawner (dungeon)

    The unbuilt base has a prebuilt large stone brick pad, and it is in the middle of the ocean. There is a nether portal and nether rail access, meaning commute is very fast. The portal is also hidden in the nether, so that people will not find it. You have access to the underground via a ladder encased in glass and stone. The spawners are no more than 7 blocks below the ocean floor, so the commute from the pad is very short. In this area is an abandoned mineshaft I have barely explored, (so there could be a sixth spawner!) and in this mineshaft are the five spawners. In this area are FIVVEEE mob spawners. THats right. Five. They are all within your loaded chunks and a short walk within eachother. Unfortunately, mob spawner mechanics are not my thing, so I am selling them. The coords and super easy access to 5 mob spawners.

    Also, the abandoned mineshaft (as previously stated) hasn't been fully explored, so there could be more goodies and spawners.

    My starting price is 40k but (obviously) this price is negotiable. PM me if you are interested.

    Ciao, King

    Edit: I also cannot haul all my crap out of there, so there are a large number of bonuses including my stuff, 3 dinnerbone villagers, a chest filling system with like 20 chests and the hoppers and yeah its cool. :)

    (Note: The spawners are in the utopia frontier.)
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  2. 220k? I wouldn't even pay 220k for a quadruple skelly. I'd lower your price to under 100k in my opinion. How close are all the spawners? Possibly give us a screenshot?
  3. Screenshots coming in a moment
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  4. Screenshots are giving me a hard time....
    Can anyone explain how to get the address from flickr correct?
  5. You could use that, however I find photobucket VERY useful, it gives you all kinds of addresses, just sign up, upload and select IMG link.
  6. How far away are each of the spawners?
    Basically, can I stand in one spot and have all of them active?
  7. As far as I know, I mean I don't know the exact mechanics but I think that they are within like 12-16 blocks of eachother, but I haven't done any exact measurements and Pythagorean calculations.
  8. reindeer i think i love you, i hope max sees your post
    also imgur is easy to use as well
  9. if i found 5 spawners this close to each other... I would get creative
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  10. :D
  11. Your back :D
    I'd definitely by if I had this money and knew how to make grinders :p
  12. Look on my profile... I came back to save goodbye for now... But do not forget me... For I will be bach
  13. No takers on this great product? Don't forget, the price is DEFINITELY negotiable, because I have never sold these kinds of things before so I figured I could go high on the price and people who know about this would tell me more reasonable prices. Also: Price drop by 50k
  14. Lol, on imgur "KingGrigoriEMC" Is already taken. Creepy....?
    Omg. "KingGrigoriEmpireMinecraft" Is also already taken. WTH
  15. Well, since normal members can't enter the wastelands/wilds on utopia (I believe) that could be why...
    When making a post regarding selling a spawner, you must include a link to THIS post as a disclaimer for buying/selling mob spawners. This will ensure that everyone sees and knows the risks involved.

    You need to link this page to the thread selling the Mob Spawners, as noted above in the post (Found here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/) It is a very risky thing, and if anyone comes across they may use it, as you can't simply "Purchase" a spawner, it's the coords.

  17. Again, price drop. Still for sale. Purchase it while you can!