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  1. Attention EMC! In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, I have compiled twelve of my best fireworks recipes into the "Pyrotechnic Compendium" for you to enjoy! In addition to fireworks designs, this book also includes a comprehensive how-to on firework materials, techniques, and advice on how to get the most out of your rocket!

    You can find this book and more in the "Tiger's Text Bookstore," located at 16087, SMP8 - first hallway on the right, through the front doors.

    Happy reading!

    *Texture pack shown is a personal customization of the Painterly sets. For the curious.
  2. Just like to extend my thanks to everyone who's dropped by so far. :)
    Also as a point of interest, some of the fireworks have been created and loaded into a dispenser on the back porch of Skyhome, should anyone wish to see a demonstration.
  3. Seems legit.
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  4. Indeed it is. :) My books are generally priced by length - that is roughly, the time and effort spent creating them. For the Manual, this involved extensive fireworks testing in order to fine tune some of my best original designs. I've been considering a second manual with another set of recipes as well.
  5. Bump for the evening. :)
    For those who've purchased the first part of my rather long "Nucleus" miniseries, I have good news: Part 2 should be available sometime this week. Also a couple of thoughts I'd like feedback on:
    • Adding an orange cat to the bookstore. Would having a "real" Cassie around be cute, or would the meowing be too off-putting to visitors?
    • Licensing/publishing books from other EMC writers. I know there's a few folks out there who also write their own stories, and my store has rather more empty sale-chest slots than I'd care for. Any interest in having your books sold through this store? (Actual arrangements can be discussed via PM, I'm just probing the waters here to see if there's an interest at all).
  6. I can't put much feedback on the first thought, but the 2nd thought interests me. Mind if I PM you about that? :p (Basically, please do it. ^.^ )
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  7. Plz save me one book :D
  8. No need to "save" them, the chests are well-stocked and I have master copies of each. ;)
    Though I did catch a spelling error in the Manual - apparently it's "psychedelic," not "psychadellic." Derp.
    The error has since been corrected, but the first 27 copies contain this typo.
  9. Well, I've attempted to place a cat in the bookstore several times, but it keeps despawning. I suppose I shall abandon that idea, for the time being.
  10. Try parking it on a bed? I don't remember if that still works or not.
  11. Eh, I've re-egged whatever cats I had left. No beds in the bookstore to leave "Cassie" on so I guess the store will simply have to do without her. It was a novelty idea anyway. Thank you for the suggestion though :)
  12. PyroTech Manual 2 has been completed!
    Six more unique fireworks designs, ranging from the shield-and-star of Captain America to the full-spectrum rainbow of Chromega, and just in time for that pyrotechnic party you've been planning!
    Books will be copied and placed on sale later today, at the same price as the first manual.

    I'd also really love to thank everyone who's picked up a copy of "Nucleus, Pt 1" so far. I realize it's quite the read, for a Minecraft book anyway, and as a special thank-you, I'll be providing you with free copies of Part 2, when it is complete (current estimate 65% finished).
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  13. UPDATE: PyroTech Manual 2 is now stocked and available for purchase :) I will be adding some of the designs to the Skyhome launcher for those who want a demonstration.
  14. I have finished writing "Nucleus, Pt 2" - still requires being formatted and copied, but should see print later today.

    Also, corruptedsmile brought a rather silly oversight to my attention. The texture pack I use includes a different font, which has apparently skewed my perception of text layout. While all the books appear properly formatted on my end, in Default it seems the text occasionally runs off the page, or wraps in odd ways. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to fix this is to retype each book, in Default, to ensure a new Master copy that won't have this issue. I'll be working at reformatting everything this weekend.

    Once the books have been typeset properly, anyone who has previously purchased a book and encountered these formatting issues may return their old copy for a reformatted version, without charge. My sincere apologies for the oversight.

    In other news, I will be phasing out the two Manuals in favor of a single, more comprehensive guidebook. The new firework compendium will include all twelve current recipes with more in-depth descriptions of their appearance, effect, and suggested use, as well as an introduction and guide that explains each element of the firework process - firework stars, dyes, shapes, effects, fading - and will take a more novice-friendly approach than the current iterations. I will continue to sell the Manuals until such time as the compendium is finished - anyone who has previously purchased one or both Manuals may redeem their old copies for a discount on the compendium, if they wish.

    And speaking of fireworks! The Skyhome launcher is currently empty: all six sample fireworks have been temporarily moved to SMP4 as part of the Paradise Project's show this afternoon. Nickbowhunter's been hard at work mixing up a ton of pyrotechnics of his own as well, and it promises to be one hell of a display! :D
  15. I bought PyroTech #1 and when the better newer manual comes out id like to trade it in!
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  16. When I get the compendium version printed, I will absolutely set up a method for trade-ins :) Likely a sell-back chest for the original manuals.

    And Nucleus Pt 2 has been published at last! You may now find it in its proper placeholder spot, next to the first volume. Fun fact: the original text ended up being too long, I had to trim out several paragraphs towards the end to keep it at Minecraft's 50-page limit (and even then, it only barely fits).

    Guess I need to start work on Part 3 now. :)
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  17. Where do I pay for the book?
  18. Lol find the store :D
  19. Only a couple of copies left for both Manual 1 and 2. I will no longer restock them because the Compendium is nearly finished and is intended to replace both these books.

    Once it goes on sale, the Compendium will be priced at 300r and I will convert the current "Sale" chests for Manuals over to "Buy," at 90r (slight difference to account for material cost of the book itself). Anyone who wishes to sell back their original manual(s) will effectively get up to a 180r discount on it :) In addition to the twelve design recipes from the manuals, it also includes a thorough explanation of firework effects, design principles, usage, and other useful information. (Even a section on Spamming, for you trigger-happy types!)

    Happy Independence Day, EMC!
  20. The Pyrotechnical Compendium is complete! TGIF right?
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