[Sale] 2X Zombie Grinder - Utopia

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  1. How did you get a dragon egg???
  2. why must i be so broke? :(
  3. before, there were dragons i think 5? any way there was a big auction and leowaste is rich so he got 1
  4. Yea, i bet it costed him about 100k
  5. more then that
  6. OMG the most rupees that i have ever had on EMC is about 10k :(
    I have 954r atm
  7. these spawner auctions will be a thing of the past soon as i understand it mods discussed it today and capped spawner spawn rates and decided selling spawners is against the rules =[
  8. Selling or auctioning?
  9. How do we know this wasn't on another server??????

    I would like to see a demo but under ground of course
  10. We know this is on Utopia because Leowaste is a very trustworthy member of this community and wouldn't ever risk getting banned from the auctions forum by intentionally posting false information. ;)
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  11. Aikar wasnt very specific when talking about it in open chat
  12. Yeah. To me, it sounded like both. He cited a case where someone sold a grinder that wasn't his. After the offender was caught, he apparenltly went back and griefed the grinder. This issue presents itself with both selling AND auctioning.
  13. Jeez. Some people.
  14. I know, right? Apparently, in a meeting of all staff, they decided that they would prohibit auctioning spawners. Aikar didn't say much more.
  15. Why would the potion be healing @ close to the top. HEaling would kill them?
  16. Well. Damage potions heal mobs ad health potions damage them. Seeing they are evil and all...
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  17. Well if these things are not going to be allowed in the future. Any offers?
  18. I bid 5.000r :)
  19. i can bid 20.000
  20. Can OR will? :p
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