[Sale] 2X Zombie Grinder - Utopia

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  1. Considering this has no skeleton spawners, I decided to just sell it.

    Location: Utopia 10k+ from spawn
    Condition: Newly Built, Nobody else knows about it
    Difficulty to find: 8/10

    Video of it in action. Small design due to spawners being so close to each other, works very well.

    Price: 30,000 rupees
    Status: Unsold

    The Buyer will receive a screen shot of the secret entrance that will have the co-ords on it. The buyer MUST know how to used co-ords! MUST BE SUPPORTER TO ACCESS UTOPIA
  2. Price change
  3. WOW! level 9 to 25 with a throw of a potion
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  4. Which is why they are valuable lol
  5. Yea I wish i was supporter, I would totally buy
  6. Its not an auction :p
  7. Whoops
    EDIT: I would totally buy
  8. What kind of splash potion is that
  9. I'm guessing Instant Damage
  10. Instant Health I think
  11. Splash potion of instant healing. Probably without glowstone dust.
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  12. splash health
  13. No! wait it was Instant Health
  14. where can i purchase some

  15. use this to make some
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  16. Leowaste, how do you get so lucky with finding spawners?!:)
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  17. I searched for a long time for my 5x spawner. All I did was make a map where all the ones were that I didnt want to use lol
  18. I would love to buy this, but since Utopia is where I currently have my largest unfinished res, I see no point.