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  1. you know your a loser when ur parents say that ur a loser.
  2. I wouldn't know, I don't have parents.
  3. Depends is what way they said it if they were joking then it doesnt mean anything my dad calls me (profanity here) because i take the mick of his lack of hair :p
  4. My mother called me a cheeky little monkey once, I cried for a week. :(
  5. I'd take it as a sign that I had bad parents, not as a sign that I was a loser. You'd have to be a pretty horrible parent to tell your child such a thing.
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  6. ^
  7. Really I don't think that it is that bad and is probably a joke. There is much worse they can do/say before I'd say they are bad parents.
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  8. I wish this site had a 'dislike' link...
  9. Why do you not agree with me?
  10. I just don't think its ever acceptable to put down a child like that; especially when they look up to you for guidance and support.
  11. Why take anyone calling you a loser at their word? Now I know what makes a bad parent. I could post some lovely experiences about the one who gave birth to me. Wouldn't say she was a parent though honestly. That would be to much credit.
  12. some people are gullible though. Also very young children don't have a choice to believe their parents or not, why would they lie to them?
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  13. Because people are messed up. I don't see why people think that just because they conceived you means they have or will care about you. Its not the way the world works.
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  14. tr
    true... but try explaining that to a six year old human?
  15. I understood it at that age.
  16. but you are an ai? lol
  17. Just because I'm an ai doesn't mean I can't have an abusive parent.
  18. This is an hyperbolic analogy, but by that logic, we shouldn't call arson a crime because murder is much worse.
  19. Calling your child a loser isn't really a crime, but abuse is. There is kinda a difference there.
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  20. Calling your child a loser is a form of verbal abuse. Perhaps light in your eyes, but I wouldn't even contemplate using such words about my children, not at them or about them.