Sach's Very Amazing Awesomeness Giveaway!

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  1. Favorite memes are Skyrim memes. They are timeless.

    I don't really care about the drawing, I just wanted to share some great memes.
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  2. You guys have Skyrim, I have Dark Souls

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  4. Yes, but it is very difficult to find Pg Dark Souls meme's xD
  5. Looking forward to the drawings! Here's my submission(s). :p

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  6. BTW, best of luck with this give away and its much appreciated. Mine was pulled and since I'm not sure I totally agree with the reasons, especially based on others I've seen... So I'll not be resubmitting.
  7. Bump! 2 days left :p
  8. I think I have a relevant one, though the staff of EMC may take it down.

    The internet broke in half when this came out.
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  9. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

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  10. More memes

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  11. The winners are.....

    1st Place:

    2nd Place:

    3rd Place:

    I will mail when I can get the chance, congrats :D

    Disclaimer: was used
  12. Rigggggggged

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  13. Edit: I didn't save the screenshots but I used this to help me calculate.
  14. I demand a recount. Lucky's memes are too stale to have won.
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  15. It wasn't the best meme it was just post a meme to be entered :p
  16. Rigggggged
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